Saturday, 13 January 2018


Art prompts galore 

JAN. 8-14: HOME//SCAVENGER: Yellow, Green, magazine image, something abstract (an image of a wall, a nondescript item), Something from the grocery store, Scrap paper, A die cut or punch out, Piece of a book page, Ink , Lace or trim

Every inchie Monday 

France: the land of liberty, égalité, fraternité and les "Frogs"! - Paris & the Eiffel Tower, Beaujolais, Cotes du Rhône & côtés de Provence wine, Calvados, pastis,Champagne. Provence, Dordogne, the alps. Fine foods like pâté and cheese, cassoulet, snails & frogs legs...Louis XIV & Versailles palace, the 1789 revolution & its guillotine, the beautiful Loire valley chateaux, the Cathar castles and the persecution of their people, the knights Templar, Napoleon, This also happens to be my second home and indeed the place that my parents & brother made their home! I could write so much more .....

Art journal journey week 3
image: scarf/hat/ gloves. word: protect.  prompt: write a poem or journal entry inspired by what you can't see. technique: collage. Quote: The best protection any woman can have is courage

Life documented 
Theme:  New beginnings - vintage paper/drawings. Prompt:  Use a mix of acrylic paints to create your own little piece of heaven.  Technique:  Serendipity - Search for the Light. Quote: You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way, can illuminate the world.

Colour me positive 
Blue frame, glasses, quote: vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Jonathan Swift

Other news this week....Bill has now had his second cataract operation done so all that remains to be done there is to get some new reading glasses in about a month but on a sad note we discovered a lump inside Bailey 's upper jowl & also another in his neck....our vet suspects lymphoma so we are off to see a dog oncologist on Thursday! Watch this space....


  1. You have so many life long connections to France. Your inchies and your other journal art is wonderful. Sorry to hear your anxious-making news re Bailey...thinking of you, Dx

  2. Love the inchies for France. Glad Bill is on the mend and sorry about Bailey, I will say a prayer. I would also love to say that your journal pages are always so empowering. Take care.

  3. Great inchies! Love the snail one! Your other artwork is wonderful too.

  4. Oh wow four inchies and all very nice.
    The snail is so clever made, I cannot imagine how you make that on an inchie.
    As of next week I will be traveling for some weeks; so than I will not be able to post comments.