Wednesday, 15 August 2012


This was my desk & adjacentarea at 10.00 before I started "sorting"! It got a lot worse....& then it got a bit better :-) I was busy trying to work out what I wanted in the way of replacement units from storage4crafts ( sale on!!!)
I wish I could do the whole room or even 2 wall in floor to ceiling but too costly plus my knackered old desk is a great size (used to do all my cutting out on it when dressmaking)

Will try to get some crafting done today :-) as its only 14.30!


  1. I still think your craft area is very tidy!

  2. Wow, your room looks very tidy compared to mine!! I've been sorting through my stash for 4 different projects, so it looks like theres been a small explosion in my craft room LOL!! Good luck with the sorting and enjoy your new storage :)

    1. This was TIDY, I never photographed the MESS! I could not find the camera :-D

  3. Ah a woman after my own heart ! I too would like floor to ceiling storage on all 4 walls(but the scarey thing is that i could probably fill it too !!) :) x