Tuesday, 14 May 2013

It's raining!

Not possible to work in the garden today as its pouring with rain! I've spent the last 2 afternoons assembling "recycled" religious Christmas cards for Auntie Pam, after all, what do you give an 89 year old for her birthday ! 70 cards that she can send to her pals this year!!! So I have been stamping off the greeting "en masse"

Then I remembered that I needed to try dying some lace... My new jeans are a little short so I thought I'd add a strip of lace! Quite pleased with the resulting colour as I used permanent black Quink on ecru lace :-)


  1. Nice denim coloured lace. We want to see a picture of those jeans when they are done. What a lovely idea for a present for your Auntie.

  2. Hi Sally

    You sound one very busy lady!!

    Auntie Pam is going to be well impressed!!!

    Love the finished colour of your lace .. .. beautiful.

    Have a great day.

    Love Jules xx