Sunday, 23 March 2014

Journal 52

Another week, another page : this is week 12 a day in the life of me

So I wake with a cup of tea in my yellow bedroom 

Check emails, bloglovin & Facebook 

Have breakfast

Take my golden retriever Bailey for his morning walk. 

Do boring stuff like shopping, housework, washing etc. 

Snack lunch. 

Then it's time to disappear into my sunny craft room (used to be painted soft pink & grey) where I can craft all afternoon whilst listening to the radio or TV. 

a late afternoon walk in the woods with Bailey. 

Then it's time to get busy concocting some culinary delights in my black, white & grey kitchen - I love that kitchen. 

Chillin' time next: groom the dog, relax on the sofa, watch some TV. 

Now it's back to the yellow bedroom with a good book, pretty soon it'll be lights out and time to dream of my next crafty creation!



  1. Fantastic page Sally, many of the things on your list are ones that I can relate to.
    Yvonne x

  2. Fabulous page Sally, a few things on there are on my day to day list too.
    Avril xx

  3. Wow! Look at this. Sally this page is amazing, I love it.

  4. A wonderful rainbow of activities - just lovely!
    Alison x