Monday, 10 March 2014


Tuesdays twinchie challenge is here again...

I had nothing prepared because the list was not released until after we arrived in France so I have had to call upon all my bits & bobs again...and managed to come up with 2 options

1 very simple one, it's the TV listings for the equivalent channels to BBC1and BBC2 and I've just edged with a swipe of spectrum noire pen in blue.

2 I've used a little bit more of the chocolate box (see mirror post) which has been cut into a square-ish frame, mounted onto another square that I coloured with a silver Sharpie pen around the edges. The central part has had the roman numerals, hands & CARTIER added with a Steadler triplus fine liner in dark grey. It's not quite my Cartier watch but almost :-) and the time shown is when I made it!!!

I must admit I am quite enjoying having to improvise, the lack of supplies & equipment is leading to some interesting discoveries & ingenuity :-D


  1. I agree Sally, very ingenious!
    Avril xx

  2. Great inonvations Sally, you won't know what to do when you get re-united with your stash.
    Yvonne x

  3. Both very clever - tv listings I was going to say is really thinking outside the box, but of course it's actually very box-based thinking!! And the fancy watch is a brilliant creation...
    Alison x