Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Bill & I set off for the city this morning and we had our first sighting this year of a chamois, white near to the road, about 20m/yards away....
Just the one, with horns, but a lovely sight to see :-)

Further south & near the city ( about 18000 inhabitants!) we had the pleasure of cowslips

Mini iris growing wild

And hedges of forsythia 

As well as patches of cherry and apple blossom, I think I saw come blackthorn as well.

I did my duties of interpreter with the more anticoagulant injections, the compression stockings can come off, that's a relief as they are absolute buggers to put on! Then he added that Bill can start to use just one crutch - given that he's only been using them for a few weeks I thought that was a bit ambitious :-) and that Bill should be able to do without pretty soon :-) 
Lack of sleep has been a big problem, so now we have a prescription for some knockout tablets :-) fingers crossed that they do the trick!


  1. Glad things are progressing with Bill, hopefully the surgeon will be right about the crutches. Loved the photos.
    Take care
    Avril x

  2. Glad things are improving for Bill, hope you get some rest with the new medication.
    Super photos as well.
    Yvonne x

  3. Glad to hear you're both on the move, and Bill soon with only one crutch too! Hope the knockout pills get you both some sleep...
    Thanks for sharing the lovely spring pictures, and those chamois are wonderful creatures!
    Alison x

  4. Sounds like Bill is making great progress, you both must be very pleased and hopefully the new meds will allow him to sleep better. Love your photos of Spring, I haven't seen cowslips in years and the chamois are beautiful xx