Sunday, 30 March 2014

Journal 52

How does your garden grow

Well, the one here in France doesn't! There are 3 pine trees, 4 Rowans (1 is bent right over due to snow when it was very small & 2 have almost been "decapitated" by the gardening man with his strimmer and there is also a larch with is currently bare....under the snow are some wild crocus that will eventually appear.

So I decided that I would share my garden in Scotland whe we have 2 mature trees, a silver birch in the back and an evergreen of some sort in the front that drops horrible prickly bits! I have that tree but the local red squirrels love it so it stays put for now.

There are some huge rocks in the front so we had to have a rockery as they were far too big to remove without a JCB. we've got heathers and assorted "dwarf" evergreens there, along the front of the house you can find rhododendrons, pieris, fuchsia, potentilla & clematis. There is also a 1/4 circle bed with potentilla, assorted peonies, oriental poppies, California poppies, Himalayan poppy,primulas, daffodils, crocus & snowdrops.

The driveway is separated from the neighbour by a cotoneaster & beech hedge.

At the rear of the house you can see an ornamental cherry and a maple in left hand bed along with day lilies, iris, lupine, primulas, dog tooth violets and wild cyclamen. There are pots in front of the garage that have geraniums in the summer,the rear rockery is under a birch tree that has a visiting woodpecker every year as well as a lovely white lilac, bluebells & heathers.

The right hand side has weeping cotoneaster, pieris, lilac, potentilla, a beautiful pink oriental poppy as well as a white one.

Then under/ beside the bedroom window I've got honeysuckle, mock orange and summer's that for a fragrant nights sleep?

A raised rockery/bed lies between the lawn & the patio with a cascading water feature, heathers, gentians, mini geranium, a bird bath that gets a lt of action... Against the house it's more poppies, bluebells and clematis with a very dark purple rhododendron and a twisting hazel at the back door...

My little garden of weeden!

Overall view

Right rear bed

Rear lawn & beds

Front of the house

Obviously not all the plants are there!


  1. Fantastic page Sally, bet you are looking forward to seeing your garden again afer all the snow in France,
    Yvonne x

  2. Your garden sounds absolutely glorious, and I love your rendering of it in the journal - lovely!
    Alison x