Sunday, 1 November 2015


I don't seem to have done much this year in the way of Halloween crafting other than spray painting my pumpkins copper, putting some Fall foliage bellies up at the lounge window and a small banner at the back door!

Just as well that my challenujournals have been taking up the theme!

Journal 52- hauntingly beautiful 

I was a wonferful house in North Conway that had spooky written all over it & managed to get pictures in sun as well as grey light....
Here's my share using the sunny day version & a little FX tweaking 
Some Washi tape, die-cut spider web, stamped pumpkins & splatters!

At Positiv Journal it's all about our fears....

As a small child it was spiders, "skellingtons", ghosts & haunted houses

The same house, slightly different angle because we were driving along....and these days my fears are more about large spiders & death. God forbid I should ever meet a tarantula or camel spider! It could result in my two fears at the same time lol!


  1. Fantastic journal pages Sally. The house does look hauntingly lovely with the lighting effects.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Great pages Sally, and like you I hate spiders and run a mile when I see one.
    Avril xx

  3. I think copper pumpkins sound a treat! I'd rather meet a hundred spiders than one slug, but I do get the heebie-jeebies when I think that they've been around so many millions of years longer than mankind!! Fabulous spooky pages.
    Alison xx