Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Journal 52

Childs play.....

I've kept it very simple this week:

Some very discreet stamping in pumice stone on the left, a couple of children images from some happy mail & an ATC that I got from a friend quite a number of years ago....thank you Kathy!

On the right its handwritten script stamping + some dried marigold spots, the image is a copy of a drawing my niece did  4 years ago, my golden retriever Bailey is the screensaver!

Did some work on my a colourful journey pages, we've to find images in the colour print off that we've glued onto the cardboard....
 A monsters head, landscape, clover leaf, bird taking flight,2 hands reaching for each other?

Untouched so far, positive/negative hearts, untouched book print hearts,1/2 heart, star, circles & a strip I liked, partial sun. It's interesting how the printer ink bleeds through the gesso despite there being a skim of PVA over the coloured papers!

Thanks for looking/commenting it's always nice to get a visit :-)


  1. Great pages and lovely images Sally. Your new art course sounds super, where did you find out about it?
    Yvonne xx

    1. I saw it on someone's blog, only 5 lessons & they are space 3 days apart but you can do them when you want - I'll send you the link for you to check out.

  2. Great journal pages Sally, love those images, your niece's drawing is so sweet.
    Course looks interesting.
    Avril xx