Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Positiv Journal

I've been very slack with this journaling site in 2016, in fact, so far I'd done nothing!

They decided to change the format this year...every month there is a book to read & it serves as the basis for the months posts. In all honesty this was not floating my boat!

I cannot remember what the book for January was but the recommendation was to spend at least 30" writing every day as well as doing art. I do keep a diary of sorts & always have so no extra writing for me and I do some form of art post day except when on holiday - some of you will be aware that I'm off on my holidays in France at the moment and there really is only so much you can carry!

Well, I went back through my mailbox to see if I could find the book information and it's a Julia Cameron one "liberez votre creativité" which I think is the "journey to your creative heart"
 This is what I have cobbled together! Random written sections, stamped postcard, postage stamp, notelet.....

A new theme this month did involve love, so although I've not got the book by Thich Nhat Hahn " enseignements sur l'amour" or even read it, I decided that I would put a page together with some of the bits I have lurking in my stash box as the technique required was collage.....

I may yet get to grips with the new format but I don't see myself doing 4 weeks or a whole  booklet on any of these themes!

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  1. This sounds like you will be busy with these themes. Love the pages you have shown us today.
    Yvonne xx