Friday, 28 October 2016

Puppies at Halloween

So today is the day that we are getting a new fuse box which coffee, no radio, no heat gun, no computer.....yes, you guessed it....not much able to be done as the Hoover, washing machine & iron don't work without power either!

Bill was out collecting a friend as he was taking the car in for a service- they were going out for what's a girl to do? Disappear into her craft room of course, accompanied by her loyal dog!
Might just as well spend some time with my new puppy stamps.....and here are a few made so far:

This was prompted by the state Bailey got into most days whilst he was in kennels!

And as Halloween is just around the corner I decided to do a couple of seasonal ones...

The candy collection buckets had to do without handles as I could not get the ink to dry enough for the diecut to function properly or the Xyron glue to stay on the paper:-(

As I had some others I'd stamped out I carried on, this time the images were on watercolour paper so I wet the image (avoiding the eye area) and ....coloured with silk fabric paints! Yet another product in my room that I don't know when I last used for its true purpose!

So we have a butch bulldog!

A very British bulldog 

A rather off-colour girl and finally a rather goofy girl!

I hope that my power is restored soon as I'm getting rather cold....could murder a coffee or a tea!


  1. Sally those dogs of your are having a great time by the way they look on this fantastic set of cards. I hope you managed to get your coffee and the electric working okay.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Oh my these are so cleverly designed, coloured and put together Sally, what a great set you have completed. I hope power has now been restored and that you are warm again and enjoyed that coffee xxx