Monday, 31 October 2016


It's Monday, damp & a little foggy to start...then just grey and damp! what a way to end the month :-(

I'm struggling with the French journal site this year, just not liking the format of a recommended book that one should then meditate about....that's definitely not me! Jump in then think is more like it lol.

So I've finally put a half hearted page together as I had an image that kind of went with the whole "shaman" scene....and as it's Halloween I've add a witch on her broomstick. I want to finish the year with them even if it's only 1 page a month! Only 2 more to go, 12 double spreads done & 6 singles achieved.

My DLP  PAC is done...

It was the stitching that stopped me posting yesterday!

And my dictionary page for U which I had somehow thought said umbrella.....must have been down to the piece of paper napkin on my desk...

I'm still tempted to do another page with umbellifer but we shall see as I'd also like to catch up with my mixed media morsels.

Happy Halloween 

And see you next month!


  1. Great pages Sally, I do like the word splat with the umbrella page
    Happy Halloween to you too.
    Avril xx

  2. Great pages today, you are keeping up with the themes even though some seem to be not quite you.
    Happy Halloween
    Yvonne xx

  3. The Umbrella page is great. So, not knowing what an umbelifer was, I looked it up. I hope you do get time to do an Umbelifer page, such a good word.

  4. Umbrella page is great. Thank you for joining in the Craft Barn Challenge. xx

    PS. Looking forward to the Umbelifer page xx

    1. Got that other page done lol


  5. That's a nice page. I love umbelliferous plants.

  6. I am a bit late for Halloween, but I still love the holiday. And your umbrella page is spectacular. It shows such energy and motion.

    I hope you have time to make the umbelifer page, because I might want to plant them next year!

  7. Great umbrella page, love the vibrant colours and the joy it creates.

  8. I love your umbrella page, very dynamic xx

  9. A great umbrella page. The image looks as if she is enjoying splashing in puddles, a pastime you are never too old to enjoy!