Sunday, 25 June 2017

A week of technical difficulties

The internet is still not working properly & Bill has been on at the provider again....still trying to get the engineer from BT to check where the line fault is 2 months after we first got onto them & to cap matters my iPad stopped working! What more could go wrong thought I but, touch wood, so far so good.

So here's some of what I've made this week

Colour me positive: Staying grounded. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

Journal 52: RIPEN
To make or become ripe. To come into maturity. Synonyms: Age, mellow, come of age, grow up. Prompt: Create a spread about the areas of your life that are currently ‘maturing’ or ‘ripening’. What does it feel like to ‘ripen’? What does it mean to you to ‘come of age’? Oracle: What conditions are needful for a ripening to happen in your life at this time? What is coming into fruit? What isn’t? Where are things just right? Where is more time needed?

Life Documented: Quote: life is the flower for which Love is the honey. Prompt: print & stencil marks on the background. Technique: use doodles to colour in areas.

Art prompts galore JUNE 18-24: Colours of Summer// scavenger:your favourite colour, a complimentary colour to colour above, a list (of anything, of any length) , ink stamping, three flowers , a pocket of some sort, a small tag to put in the pocket, a doodle, a positive uplifting word.

We have a new subject over at the inchie challenge too....LION and I've gone with another button from my stash 


  1. Great inchie, you must have a large collection of animal buttons.

  2. Lots of wonderful projects and the inchie if fantastic

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Love all the projects but that lion button is adorable!

  4. You always impress me with the amount of art you show each week, and your buttons are fabulous! Dixx

  5. I love your animal buttons - what luck having a lion - he's gorgeous - great art pages too specially love the first stars one

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