Thursday, 29 June 2017


Art prompts galore and we have : starts with T// SCAVENGER: yellow, purple, some squares, draw or doodle with felt pen, 3 magazine images, 3 words that start with the same letter of your fathers name, random pieces of coloured paper scraps, something from a recent shopping trip, a postage stamp, paint.

My dad was called Ken so that made the list of word options a tad shorter than some letters!

At Journal 52 our new prompt is SWEETNESS

Having the taste of sugar or similar substances. Pleasing to the senses. Having a pleasing disposition; lovable, kind. gracious. Synonyms: Sugary, honeyed, candied, luscious, dulcet, lush. Prompt:Explore your feelings about the word ‘sweetness’ or ‘sweet’ in your journal. Invoke the sweetness of first love, summer nights, early life, etc. Oracle:Where is sweetness available to you in your present life? Do you welcome it? Mistrust it? How can you bring more sweetness in? What is sweet within you?

Art journal journey wants to know all about our pets...

Image: pet. Word: companion. Prompt: write about a day in the life of your pet from their perspective. Technique: incorporate teabag or coffee filter paper. Quote a true friend leaves paw prints on your heart.

Life documented 
  1. JULY: the road less travelled/ travelling through life. prompt: use a magazine image you really love.  Technique: add a couple of pieces of scrap paper & stamp the whole page.  Quote: the mind is everything. What you think you become. (Buddha)
The road less travelled: I saved the rambling Boy a few months back as I knew I had a rambling couple, the boots came from the same magazine (National Trust Scotland) they seemed destined to be together and then the other day when looking for a scrap for another project I re-found my signpost and also the card from a friend with the quote "not all who wander are lost " serendipity! This week seemed like a n ideal occasion to use them.

And then we have art journal journey Image: tree. word: nature. prompt: write about your favourite outside space. Technique: collect leaves & glue into your journal.  Quote: look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.  Albert Einstein.
And we have more serendipity in the shape of a tree saved a few years back when adult colouring books first hit the scene, it was an article about a local lady who had her creations printed 

My brother had a very vivid imagination & used to tell tales of Abud who fed bananas to monkeys at the bottom of the garden! I should add at this point that they were actually date trees with no monkeys lol.

Final photo of the post is our new inchie in the shape of a hippo....


  1. Just love all of your journal page ideas with such a great variety to inspire anyone at all

    The inchie is such a lot of fun as well

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Great journal pages and art Sally, I must have missed you last wonderful post, so have had a good catch up tonight.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Lovely share, Rowntree's fruit Pastilles...mmm...a favorite of mine from childhood so long ago...I love Helen the cheerleader hippo too, such a cheerful, positive image! Dixx

  4. A lovely cheerful hippo and some great journal pages. How many journals do you have on the go ? I am hopeless at doing mine.

    1. Colour me positive, documented life, journal 52, art journal journey & art prompts galore so 5! They are all weekly so keeps me busy!

  5. Your journal pages are so full of greatness! I love them all. The hippo is so great!

  6. Certainly been busy this week - great journal pages and a very fun little hippo x

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