Sunday, 18 June 2017

Midsummer is almost here!

a warm week with assorted garden chores done, friends entertained and journal spreads made - a couple of dark notes...mum's birthday and then Father's Day but hey goes on!
Journal 52
UNFURL: To spread or shake out from a furled state. To unfold. To become unfurled. Synonyms: Unfold, unwind, develop, display, expand, open, spread. Prompt: What is unfurling or unfolding in your life as a result of your creative practice? Create a spread that includes unfurling imagery, like butterfly wings, or tender plants unfurling into blossom. Oracle: What needs to be shaken out so that you can understand it better? Where do you feel you are ‘spreading your wings’? What does unfurling feel like to you.

Art journal journey
Image: utensils. Word: feast. Prompt: menu or shopping list or recipe.  Technique: use alphabet in a creative way.  Quote: a good conscience is a continual feast. Robert Burton

Colour me positive:
What soothes your soul? Is it a hot drink, a glass of wine (preferably not first thing in the morning…lol), doing yoga, going for a walk, meditating, watching your kids play nicely together, while you sit back and watch without them knowing, gardening, stretching, painting, drawing, etc?

This is the pm  version

And the a.m version....

Life documented
Prompt: Doodle around shapes
Challenge: Cut shapes from paper

Quote:There are no mistakes only lessons to be learned. 

Every inchie Monday where we are roaring about tigers!


  1. Fabulous pages and projects Sally. I had to smile at the a.m. and p.m. pages. Mine would be the p.m. version, to have to hand and relax at the end of the day.
    Yvonne xx

    1. Tea at breakfast, coffee late morning, tea in the afternoon & wine or G&T in the evening....a well rounded day!

  2. Love your tiger! Your version of a days' beverages suits me down to the ground! Dixx

  3. Fabulous pieces Sally, I think you have definitely been influenced by the hot weather with the colours and the ideas but you've obviously got your eye on a storm coming in soon with umbrellas at the ready lol. Huge hugs xxx

  4. Oh my gosh! So many great pieces! I love them all!

  5. Love your tiger. So many art journal pages. Wonderful projects.

  6. Wonderful pages and great little tiger x