Monday, 28 August 2017

Catch-up has begun

Sneaking a catch-up page....

August 14-20  HOME//SCAVENGER LIST:mustard  yellow, pale blue, something postal related, sticky note, body parts (hands, feet, arms, head, etc) ,stripes,ink, gesso or white paint, 3 words, something from your stash

..pale blue stencilled stripes, mustard ink dotted lines, postage stamps,body parts, sticky note words. The postage stamps came from my dad's stash!

Another one caught up....

AUGUST 21-27 is: Starts with S. //SCAVENGER:

maroon, navy blue, circles, something to do with sewing, pieces of a book page

masking tape, something metal or metallic, some fiber, ink, words

maroon & navy book pages, circles on masking tape, sewing related (dummy, buttons, threads) fibres/metallic: threads, lace and flower, words.

And the final one for this group ....

AUG. 28- SEPT. 3 is: Leaves// SCAVENGER: yellow, brown, 3 stamped images, something that starts with a T, a bird, something from your stash, a list, washi tape, a piece of postal ephemera

Real leaf.....

Real leaf print.

Colour me positive 

no matter where the journey takes you, enjoy the adventure

I was only 1 prompt behind as the organiser has had personal issues to deal with.

I've been away aunt was 90 on the first of this month and here she is with her 3 sons!

And finally my inchie for this week....crab/hermit crab 


  1. Fantastic art pages Sally. It looks a wonderful family get together to celebrate your aunts Birthday.
    Yvonne xx

  2. love the pages, your Aunt looks great for 90! Your inchie is great as usual

  3. Lovely journal pages and inchie Sally. Those brothers look so alike, and your aunt looks wonderful for her age.

  4. Lovely post Sally so glad you had a great day celebrating your aunts 90th - doesn't she look well and with her sons too a very happy moment! Great art work and such a cute little crab Inchie x Jenny