Sunday, 27 August 2017


My French travels are over but I shall be off gallivanting again in a few days! Really, does this girl ever stay home???? It's my mum's big sister's 90th on the first of September so there's a big family reunion happening and I'm off on the train to visit for a couple of days.

There are new husbands & wives to meet as well as grandchildren of my cousins, we last all got together when my grandmother passed away in 1994!

No art has been made, we had the painters doing the outside of the chalet the last 2 days we were in France and I'm just about unpacked now.

I do have an inchie to share for our new challenge though...a jellyfish!


  1. Sweet little jelly inchie. Have fun at great aunt's party...90 is a fine age to reach. It sounds as if you will be having quite the reunion! Dixx

  2. That is a very cute jellyfish.

  3. Hi Sally, hope you've had a lovely summer and by the sound of it there's more fun to come. Enjoy.
    Cute little inchie jellyfish.
    Avril xx

  4. A dear little jellyfish - don't know how you have time to do any of what you do with all your gallivanting - enjoy your party and meeting all those new faces - it's a great time for family get together when it's a 90th birthday to celebrate 🎉 enjoy x