Sunday, 20 August 2017

The end

Or at least almost the end!

No art journal work done this week, quite a few of the ones I do were late getting their new challenge posted so it's been a lazy week on the art front but not on the eating .....
Friday I had prawn salad...7 HUGE prawns or Gambas Royales in this case, cooked on the BBQ !

The only art to share is a new inchie....seagull of which we see none here but we do see a variety of vulture!

This is a google image of a lammmergeier or bearded culture, we see them circling in the area!

We head home on Wednesday so I'll be running late with my art...oh well, it's not the end of the world as I will get caught up sometime!


  1. What huge prawns. I am sure you enjoyed those.

    Love the inchie.

    Chrissie xx

  2. Lovely large prawns, they look very yum. The lammmergeier appears to be a very big bird! (I had to look it up...) Lucky it didn't spot your prawns or you may have had a close encounter. Hope the last few days of your hols is lovely and you have a safe trip home. Dixx

  3. I can honestly say I have never seen such huge prawns!
    Have a safe trip back Sally x

  4. Those prawns! WOW! The inchie is great as well

  5. Great inchies and prawns that look more the size of lobsters. We are on our way to Skye, and guess what, it's raining. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    Hugs WEndy