Sunday, 15 October 2017


I've started to play catch-up....

Life documented 

Week 37 Quote: Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.  Paramahansa Yogananda (From Brainy Quotes)Prompt: Use a stamp as your focal point.Technique: Stamp, collage and drippy paint

Art journal journey 

Week 38 Door / entrance 

Week 39 Image: letter or mail. Word: connection. Prompt: write a letter to your future self. Technique: incorporate dictionary definitions or pages. Quote: connection is the energy that is created between two people when they feel seen, heard & valued.

Our inchie is bear...

A little button that has been in my collection for about a decade!

And finally I thought I'd share a picture of my new thumb's a silver Demi-tasse coffee spoon!


  1. Love all your art work and very cute little bear - he looks edible - like he's made out of white chocolate! I love your thumb ring - that's very strange because I was in a craft shop last week that had fork rings which I've never seen before and they were utterly stunning - very similar to your ring but the prongs of the fork were curled into the most gorgeous scrolls. I wanted one but they were quite expensive! Love Jenny

    1. I too have seen fork jewellery, rings, bracelets and pendants & have also seen spoon & fork wind chimes or mobiles. I was quite pleased to find this one and the price of US $30.00 seemed reasonable compared to most of the ones I've seen in the past.

  2. Good to see you back home Sally and creating fabulous art projects.
    Your new ring looks super, I 've seen thumb rings but never ones made from cutlery. Is it comfortable to wear?
    Yvonne xx

    1. Very comfy ring, I even slept in it the first few nights as there's no bedside table at Nicki's and I'm pleased to report to ill effects lol.

  3. Love your journalling this week, especially the collaged letter page...Jenny is right, that dear little bear button does look edible! I have made a couple of wind chimes with "found" cutlery and am trying to make a key holder with small curly-tined forks, but cannot find enough of the right composition forks to use...your ring is awesome! Dxx

  4. First off, I adore the ring! So beautiful! I also love the mail art! It is soo cool. That inchie is adorable as well

  5. Are you sure your bear isn't chocolate !!. Great inchie and art work, love the ring even though my knuckles are too swollen to wear them.
    Pleased you are home.
    Wendy xx