Sunday, 20 October 2013


The holidays are over & I am back in the dreary Scottish weather :-( so I thought I'd cheer myself up by sharing last week-end's activity!

Bill & I cooked up a plan to keep the grandchildren amused over Columbus day, first we got some pumpkins that Emily & Lucas painted on Sunday afternoon - 3 faces per pumpkin no less!
We sprayed them them with some clear sealant so that the paint would not run in the rain (when it happens, as it no doubt will)

On the Monday, summer wardrobes were swapped out for winter ones and we managed to salvage some clothes that were heading to goodwill - charity shops to some of us :-).

I got the kids raking up leaves in the garden whilst I set to putting drawstrings through hems and attaching bottoms to tops by various methods. We filled the pants/tops with the leaves, put hoodies over the top as these were destined to hold the "heads" on to the guys. Lucas insisted on covering a ball with duck tape before adding the features and Emily used a pumpkin candy bucket as her head.

All in all it was a successful days activity with no arguments & a small fraction of the gardens leaves got raked up!

Happy Halloween memories for the kids :-)

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  1. A lovely family photo, looks like they had a load of fun.
    Welcome back, looking forward to seeing your new goodies being used.