Sunday, 6 October 2013


Spooky season is fast approaching & here in the USA it's absolutely everywhere, shops, gardens, restaurants & houses - some of the decor is amazing :-)

Here are a few little makes done with the grandchildren 


CAS bats
metallic stickers 

Another sticker one that seemed ideal for the ink wipe up background !

MOO sized & metallic stickers

The corn candy tastes just as I remember it from my childhood in Libya! Very sweet!!! And the little pumpkin shaped baskets remind me of one I was given at the time but I never used mine to go "trick or treat-ing" it got used as a waste paper basket under my desk..... Ah! Happy memories :-D


  1. Hi there Sally, What a lovely way to involve the grandchildren! Great results too enjoy your candy, I don't think we have corn candy here in the UK, I'll have to keep my eyes open for it :D xx

  2. Wonderful pieces. I imagine you had just as much fun as your grandchilden did,