Monday, 10 February 2014


The theme over at every inchie Monday  sounds like what I need to boost my energy! I seem to have done nothing but clear snow for weeks now. My elbows ache so much that I truly believe I might not even manage to turn the handle of my cuttlebug ( if it was here). 

Here is my inchie

A stamp that came with an issue of Creative Stamping :-)

And here are a few shots of a significant amount of snow...
The number 8 is at head height on me (5'9"/1.75m)!

There is a BMW X3 lurking under there, it was cleared yesterday afternoon ....

Here I am standing in our front entrance !

Next time they talk about a lot of snow in the UK I might just have a serious rant at the newscaster!!!


  1. I don't know where you live Sally but looking at the numberplate its the U.K. somewhere!!! Crikey...that's a lot of snow but I would swap you for these storms in Cornwall any time! Gorgeous inchie my lovely x

  2. Cute inchie! Snow, snow, give me snow - it's hot here!

  3. That is a serious amount of snow. Looks like you've had as much snow as we have had rain in the UK. Delicious inchie!

  4. Yummy looking inchie. As for the snow, that is some height, you must be having our share as well.
    Yvonne x

  5. Great inchie, and a horrible lot of snow. Where on earth do you live ?

  6. love the inchie, a box of chocolate is always welcome at any time. Your house looks like summer time at my brothers house in Minnesota. They have snow 8 months out of the year. lol

  7. A great little piece of art Sally. That snow looks amazingly beautiful but it must be tiring and hard work at times. Take care xx

  8. Your inchie is beautiful! I love the idea of the box of chocolates. I also love your pictures of snow! Wow. And we think our 3-4 inches here are a lot!

  9. I love your Inchie! But the snow,..............I would not survive in that kind of weather!! All of you that live in places like that, just amaze me! I give you so much credit for being able to handle it!! It is beautiful to look at though!!! Hang in there, and hope you get some sunshine!!! (i'm afraid I would just stay inside and eat chocolates all day and cry, if I lived amongst all that snow!) hahaha :0) Share Humanity

  10. Fabby inchie Sally...and OMG!! at the SNOW!! Just looking at it makes me want to hibernate!!! Keep warm!! x x

  11. Your inchie is wonderful, but I moved to the Phoenix, AZ, area just because of snow. It's pretty to look at, but shoveling, yuck! I hope it melts soon.

  12. Jeepers - that really is a lot of snow... the shovelling must be endless. And yes, I always yell at the news reports when they announce in voices of chill foreboding that "in some places there have been snowdrifts of up to three inches"... That's not a drift!!

    Stay warm, stay safe.
    Alison x

  13. Gosh Sally .. .. you are having a scary and worrying time all round!!! Not a very good start to 2014 for you or Bill.

    I have never seen soooo much snow!!!

    Just been catching up on your previous posts to see how Bill is doing.

    Hope he got his weights removed and all is progressing well.

    Gorgeous inchie by the way. I bet you will be so pleased to be re-united with all your craft goodies.

    Take care

    Love Jules xx

  14. Wow, so much snow. You are allowed to eat chocolate after clearing snow!