Monday, 17 February 2014


It's Monday again :-) and time for another inchie...this week the theme across at Every inchie Monday Is DUAL.

Not too much choice for me this share is a pair of glasses: 2 lenses, 2 sides, they work for vision and against the sun! :-)

Can't remember what the stamp is but I think it's Clear Choice Stamps.

Went on a big adventure today...did my first solo drive to Digne to see Bill this morning. He was still at physio when I arrived which meant that he was in his wheelchair when he came back to his room. I was able to give him a hair wash without getting the bed sodden :-) also managed to bully him into trying the walking frame too, the physio was so pleased when I told him that he made him do 2 lengths of the parallel bars this afternoon and is hoping to get Bill into the pool in a couple of days- my fingers are crossed as I would like to think that we can have him back at the chalet by the end of the local half term holidays (22/2-9/3)

I'll be back tomorrow for the twinchie share and Journal52 share


  1. That is such a cute stamp and I love the background you have showcased it on.

  2. Lovely inchie, and take on the theme

  3. Super inchie Sally. Glad Bill is starting to get mobile.
    Yvonne x

  4. cute inchie love the way you went with this one. Glad that Bill is getting bettter

  5. Yes, you'll need those sunglasses against the glare off the snow (and that zingy lime green too...)

    So glad to hear Bill's finding his feet with the physio - good luck to you both with the half-term deadline!
    Alison xx

  6. Such an interesting take on the inchie. I think it is just grand!

  7. Great idea with the sunglasses!!! I'd never thought of that one!!! Glad to see Bill smiling and doing well!! :0) Share Humanity

  8. Awe, what a happy smiling Bill! Great take on the inchie, never thought of that one, well done x