Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Journal 52

  Week #7 when I grow up

For the early part of my childhood my father was in the Royal Air Force, on leaving the RAF he went into Air Traffic Control and I remember visiting the control tower when my mum when into hospital to give birth to my brother. We lived in North Africa at the time and used to fly home to the UK every few years to visit the family so I have always been in an airline environment as for my secondary education I was travelling from France to the Middle East every three months. 

I thought I would go on to become an airline hostess or possibly ground hostess but as this was the 70's and hijacking became common it was decided that it was possibly not a great career !

I went on to do some brilliant road trips (UK across Europe to Abu Dhabi & back) as well as trips around France, Spain, Italy and relatively short ones in the USA 

So my journal page this week shows the airlines that I used for most if my travelling. I used a kids painting box for the background, created the darker splotches with a screwed up plastic bag :-), drew around a small plate to create the centre circle and managed to trace the airline logos off the screen of my iPad!


  1. Wow Sally - you have certainly done a lot of travelling - it all sounds very exciting! The journal page is very inventive, what with the kids paintbox, a plastic bag , a small plate, and best of all (IMO) - the use of your iPad images! Great job - Well done!
    Sylvia x

  2. What a traveller you are, Sally - your page is a great celebration of it all.
    Alison x

  3. Fantastic page Sally, and amazing how you put it together with the limited resources you have.
    Yvonne x