Saturday, 14 February 2015

Busy with art


This post is heavy on photos so get comfy & pour yourself a glass of something nice!

Journal 52 has also gone with Valentine as their theme, I know, not very imaginative but it is valentine weekend so no bit surprise....

I was in Marks & Spencer yesterday and picked up the free recipe/news did Bill!

So when I saw this weeks theme I just had to go with the free paper! Here's what I came up with...

And some details....left hand page has red roses cut to size with a wavy edge pair of scissors, silvery letter stickers from my stash for our initials, fall in love is from the paper as is the white chocolate heart and the velvety red roses    For valentine's day. I've outlined the words & initials with a white signo pen.

The right hand page...

A strip of the chocolate hearts with some more white pen doodling, some hand written notes/dates + a free mini hearts stamped in red +red cosmic shimmer EP. The hanging heart topper was in my stash.

Go and top up that glass/cup and get those feet up because we are not done yet....yep! I really had a marathon session in the studio today as my brain seemed to be firing on all cylinders.

DLP is still all about layers with the challenge: covering up good stuff and the theme: going said my brain....rummage did my hands.....but they came up empty when I went looking for some under papers that I had put somewhere safe (I later found them) . Take a big breath and throw yourself off the cliff then!

So here we go with the layers....gesso then yellow & neon pink acrylics

Then I wrote on the left hand page and followed that with some distress ink in black through a stencil...

Meanwhile the right hand side was done exactly the same minus the writing.

Time to tone things down a bit! I brayered some white acrylic....oops! I forgot about distress! So now we have some grey....ugh! I dug out an Indian wood block and stamped a few teardrop patterns across my spread with white acrylic. Once everything was dry I put some more gesso over the white.

I've doodled around the white stamping with my dark wash pencil/wet paintbrush - added some white Molotow circles through a stencil which I then outlined with black.
Added a trellis strip that has been cut from a page that I took out of a magic eye pattern book.

In my box of goodies I have some rather nice circle patterns that have come an assortment of people....all part of the joys of "happy mail" so I have added some circles, some complete & some cut down slightly, added more dark wash around them and added some wording.

Destiny dealt it's cards and...

So the planets aligned under the cover of darkness

And now that you are all utterly exhausted from all the photos I shall wish you a good weekend!

Happy Valentines to you all <3


  1. A very arty blog post. I enjoyed reading all of it and the results are lovely. Great work as always. X

  2. Fabulous post Sally. loved the pages for valentines J52 a good idea to use the freebie. Your painted arty pages look awesome, love the colours and how they looked on the last photo. Thanks for sharing how you got there.
    Yvonne xx