Monday, 16 February 2015


POSITIV>>-+->JOURNAL time again and I confess that my heart sank when I saw the theme was Frida Kahlo. I am no fan of either her work or indeed her "beauty"....

Time for a trip over to Pinterest to see what I could find...a couple of images caught my eye :-)

So glad this is only a small journal (4.5x6.25")

I've smeared some acrylics on one page, cut out the head & glued it down & done some doodling - die cut letters for her name, hand written dates for birth/death.....I might add some flowers across the page under the portrait and then I'm calling this one done!


  1. As a big fan of Frida I love what you have made! Valerie

  2. Love what you did for this page. Valerie got me to like Frida over at AJJ, so she is a firm favourite of mine now.
    Yvonne xx