Wednesday, 4 February 2015


POSITIV>>-+->JOURNAL posted their latest them on Monday evening: your animal totem.

Now I confess that I've never thought I had one for a single where the heck was I supposed to start? One of the girls had thoughtfully share a totem quiz which I thought I'd better try so as to see what I was....hmmmmm, horse, did it again as some of the questions were a bit strange....tiger. Time to hit Google and see what they suggested....totem quiz reveals spider, at least this one was in English! So this is what it said:

What animal walks by your side?

You got spider! Now wait wait wait, don't freak out now, ok? A spider totem isn't just any creepy crawly, not even that! People with spider totems are actually extremely creative, and have great feminine energy (gentle, compassionate, slightly innocent energy) and is an excellent party planner due to such imagination. Spider people are often wonderful artists, painters, writers, ect. Spider totems are top notch imagination! You shouldn't be disappointed with this totem, you should be proud!
Additional features about the spider totem:

Feminine energy
Weaver of life’s fate
Shadow self, dark aspects of life or personality

Yep! Still not really working for me though so I decided to put my own spin on the whole deal....

Spiders on one half- Sizzix TH spiderweb die, Martha Stewart cobweb & spiders stamps, jar stamp from Clearly Besotted. Let me say that I'm really not very keen on spiders so I thought a jar to place them in seemed like a good idea.
On the opposite page 3 elephants in different colours and the mention that my friends tell me I have an elephants memory!

So I thought I'd also mention that I'm born under the sign of the crab in the year of the monkey.....confused? Yes, just a bit!


  1. I so enjoyed reading your post Sally, in fact I read it twice and yes it is confusing. However your pages look fantastic and I have a liking for those super elephants.
    Yvonne xx

  2. This is lovely, although I prefer the elephants to the spiders! Okay, with the jar it's fine. This would also fit our challenge at Art Journal Journey if you would like to link up!

  3. I think keeping the spiders in a jar is an excellent plan... Crabs and monkeys can't be too careful around either them or elephants, I would think! Great fun post though, and I'm off to see if I can find out my spirit animal.
    Alison xx

  4. You are so funny! I love LOVE the idea of keeping those spiders in their little jar!!! Great pages!!