Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Catching up

Some more pages finished, I had part done them whilst away...

journal 52 perspective- I could not resist using Escher's Tower of Babel

The road less followed just had to be the "col d'Allos" closed from October/November until May & sometimes even June depending on the amount of snow that needs to be cleared....the road was last used on the Tour de France in 2000 & the finish in Praloup last held in 1975! 

 And the current one is Keys...

Over at DLP we have positive point vs layering / time keeps on ticking, this theme was posted the week of my birthday so I've used the card from my dad and an image of a small girl that is reminiscent of me as a child 

One page still missing from DLP & Positiv Journal and then I'll be all caught up! Those ones are of course the ones that have failed to inspire me so far :-(


  1. Sally you have been having a great catch up session. All your pages look fantastic.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Great pages… you've certainly been productive and creative - I love that last one with the gorgeous vintage look. One of the nicest child photos I've seen - she has real character and you've done her justice with the framing.
    Alison xx