Sunday, 9 August 2015


It's amazing the difference a day can make, yesterday we roasted under the sun with temperatures in the low 30s and today it's 15C at almost noon & we've had some rain!

I made some more pages for my DLP journal....

Last week's with the new monthly heme of face, human form & characters, it's about expressive faces & what I can see clearly now. Regular visitors on here will know that I'm not big with drawing people! I think my last attempt was Bill lying in his hospital bed back in January 2014!

I drew an open eye, closed eye and a rather angular face, no pictures to copy from. I decided to add a couple of magazine ads showing eyes that I thought looked quite nice.

The new theme for this week is characters and the prompt if you are going to be weird then be confident about it. We had been down the valley to Colmars in the morning for the fete medievale and so my thoughts were stuck in the days of yore, Knights, damsels etc but when I started drawing my knight suffered  from a panic attack at the thought of climbing on his destrier & thought that as it was so hot it was possibly a better idea to head to the lake and try some deep water driving worst he'd get rusty!!!
I hope this leaves you smiling!


  1. Sally, I am smiling! I think Tin Man's underwater adventure is begging for a follow up page showing us the rusty version. He is excellent.

  2. Yes, I am smiling Sally the rust from the water might stop his adventures. Fantastic journal pages.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Yes Sally I'm smiling too.
    Great page and I hope tin man enjoys his under water adventure
    Avril xx