Monday, 31 August 2015

Goodbye the month of August!

I did some more catching up over the weekend and some sketching (not finished those self portraits yet so you'll have to wait!)

DLP advice to your younger self using some die cut letters, stash paper & washi tape & a copy of a photo aged about 3 1/2!

Journal 52 plans

And as it's Monday it's also time for our new inchie necklace

I never got round to making an ATC for this week!

Garden is next on the list of "to-dos" so I'll try to get back to the self portraits later....


  1. You cutester! What are you doing in the photo - scrapbooking? Your stamp collection is amazing, it's like a bottomless well.

  2. Adorable journal pages, you are so cute. I love the necklace inchie. she is so hip and cool with those sunglasses

  3. Great inchie, love the hair do.

  4. Great inchie, love the hair do.

  5. I shan't miss August with all that awful weather, though it doesn't look as though September is shaping up to be any better… Love your rainbow journal pages - so full of life and movement, and the inchie is adorable.
    Alison xx

  6. lovely drawing of a pretty girl and her pretty necklace. well done

  7. I always love to look in your sketchbook :-) Wonderful work.
    Lovely necklace inchie too.