Friday, 28 August 2015


More finished items....
DLP photographs & memories/ all that I have to remember you

I stamped lace onto the pages before adding real lace, die cut mulberry paper & a copy of the only photo that I have of my great aunt Daisy (seen here on the left with her sister Louie on the right).
I have a beautiful circular knitted shawl that she made for my christening. Sadly I have no memories of this lady as she died about 1958 when I was very young!

Also to share are this week's inchie pavilion being the theme

Yep, I know, can't draw!

And the ATC of the same theme
A free stamp for this one :-)


  1. Sally, as always, you have interesting stamps and doodles for the art prompts. Thank you for sharing the memories--or what you have to remember Daisy still have that connection to her and that is awesome! Have a brilliant day! c

  2. love the inchie, I think you did a good job, better than if I drew it lol. Sorry that you have no memories of your Aunt, but at least you have the shawl that she made you

  3. A wonderful memories journal page Sally, you must treasure the shawl. Its a great inchie as well.
    Yvonne xx

  4. Beautifully done memory pages. I love the lace. And the pavilions are both equally charming. The hand drawn one reminds me of a photo. Beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful nostalgic piece in honour of your aunt. I agree, the pavilions are charming. The drawn one looks like a stamp.

  6. Don't say you can't draw - it's a cute little inchie :-)
    Your ATC has beautiful colours.

  7. How lovely to use lacy textures to capture the idea of the christening shawl in the page for your Great Aunt - and I love both sizes of pavilion.
    Alison xx