Sunday, 9 August 2015


Wow, what a night we had here....torrential rain at times, thunder & lightning....and it was so nice to snuggle under the bedclothes after a spate of really hot nights when even a sheet felt like too much!

Blue skies this morning & a breeze so I'll be doing my chores and getting the washing done....but first I'm sharing this week's inchie, theme is wall

A small section of a Chocolate Baroque stamp on a paper scrap

And my atc
Which is a different Chocolate Baroque stamp on another piece of paper from the remnants box!


  1. Love your dynamic duo! Those bricks on the inchie must be so tiny in person, so cute. In response to wha you wrote on my blog - where in the Middle East have you lived? And interesting about having 2 passports. I have dual citizenship - Australia/Israel. I actually lived there twice in my life and plan to do a third and final one when I go on pension.

    1. I started off in Libya Zoe, then moved to Bahrain, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaimah before moving to Scotland. Because of the animosity between Arab countries & Israel it was impossible to travel between those places if you had an Israeli stamp in your passport!

  2. Two super wall pieces. Was there a song title Another brick in the wall? or am I imagining it.
    Yvonne xx

  3. You are quite right floyd did it!

  4. I had to laugh since I did Pink Floyd's The Wall too! And, I thought I was being so clever LOL! Nice pieces!

  5. two great bricky walls - love them both

  6. You got me singing! ~ great inchie :)

  7. I love the detail in the inchie that is really awesome. Also love LOVE the atc. Pink Floyd is so awesome. great details on those bricks as well

  8. Terrific way to use the stamp to make the inchie and ATC

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Very nice inchie and great ATC - I had to sing when I saw it ;-)