Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Hummmmmmm! Crackle done with acrylics & white glue - morsel number 27 

Purple Senelier/ pva/ orange Senelier acrylic, white & black border, Spellbinder Halloween diecuts.

Ochre Senelier/PVA/ Daler Rowney phthalo turquoise, yellow posca pen, sizzlits 

Morsel 29 is sponge background and the one sponge I did want to use was wet....the one that Bill uses for cleaning the car! Full of lovely texture but....I also have a small natural one that I think my mum used to use to even out her foundation (back in the days when she wore such a thing!)

I've used some skeleton leaf stamps with saffron, copper & gold inks/EP.

I've more to do to be caught up but....I'm getting there!


  1. Sally you are crafting so many wonderful pieces. where do all your idea's come from, or perhaps like me you just go with the flow.
    Yvonne xx

    1. I have no idea where the ideas come from some days Yvonne! I do know that by trying to get some art done every day my mojo seems to be more than happy to hang around, it's when I'm in the USA that it's a problem as I take nothing with me....I just have to keep notes as the ideas leap out at me!