Sunday, 30 November 2014

The advent of Xenon

A strange title indeed, is it not? But, honestly, what do you do with a twinchie for ADVENT & XENON as an inchie???

Xenon: atomic number 54. Chemical element Xe. Electron coef Kr4d105s2 5p6.  Melting point -11.8C. 
Atomic mass 131.293+/- 0.006u

Well, let me tell you that all I could think of was xenon a partial print of a car, some blue in it's headlight+ some glossy accent !

Advent.....well I took the soft option it started on Sunday 30th November this year so my twinchie resembles a calendar page

I'm working on my journal52 make a snowman 

and DLP add a hand so I'll be back soon and hopefully I'll have done my funkie junkie share too :-)


  1. Fabulous take on your inchie. Those snowmen are the stars of this post, they look great.
    Yvonne x

  2. Absolutely fantastic inchie & twinchie ideas! Fantastic calendar page and the snowmen killed me. Brilliant!

  3. just a note - your link from Every Inchie Monday isn't working (found you anyway)
    Love the idea of the car lights- very creative thinking - your snowmen are so cute and again creative - don't ya just love making things?

  4. Ah, those headlights, just grand. Your snowmen are so cute lined up in a row waiting to become immortal on a journal page :)

  5. "Xenon" is very clever and I love those cute snowmen.

  6. I love your take on the challenges! Very creative!

  7. love the inchie and the snowmen are so cute, I like the twinchie as well great job

  8. Love your inchie and your other art work.