Sunday, 2 November 2014

Violet fire

It's a violet inchie for this weeks challenge at EIM....

And  Fire over at the twinchie one, we still have fairly mild weather here in Scotland so no need fore one of these here yet!

Have a creative week.....


  1. That inchie looks mystical, like there's an aura around it. Mmmmmm, fireplace...... We have absolutely no need for one here at any time of the year. When I win several million dollars, I will live either in northern Scotland or northern Canada, where it snows and I have a fireplce.

  2. love the cool look of the inchie, and the fireplace looks nice and cozy right now! great job

  3. Both wonderful--love the colours on the inchie

  4. I just love that gorgeous butterfly. And, I know that fireplace will give you warmth soon enough :)

  5. Wonderful tiny works of art Sally.
    Yvonne x

  6. your violet inchie is wonderful - love how the colour changes - how did you do that? Maybe if I had such a pretty fireplace I would appreciate winter more - because right now I hate it (about the only thing I use the 'h' word for)

  7. I could use a nice cozy fire right about now. I have a very weird home in Arizona--i'm freezing! Love the coloration of your violet butterfly. Have a brilliant day! c

  8. I love your violet background and butterfly! No need for a fireplace in southern Ca. right now either. Bummer!! I can't wait for some cooler weather!!
    Oh, and the Wisteria plant, they really are a pretty easy vine type plant to have. And their coloring is so worth the mess they put out. So go for it, plant one today!!!:0)
    Have an awesome week! ;0)
    Thanks for the sunshine!