Thursday, 14 April 2016

A long time...

Facebook memories chose to remind me that it's my wedding anniversary today!

We no longer look this young.....but we still love each other after 39 years!

I must have had Alison Bomber in my thoughts when I did the colours selection for my card this year!

Out celebrating lunchtime & tonight..


  1. Hi Sally

    Many, many congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I wish you both a really happy day .. .. and many more years of happiness together.

    Loving your anniversary card .. ... fabulous background .. ... I have a feeling that next year there might be a touch of red to be seen to celebrate your special "ruby anniversary".

    Enjoy your celebrations!

    Love Jules xx

  2. Thank you, the cocktails are good!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you have had a wonderful day celebrating.
    Yvonne xx

  4. What a lovely photo of your salad days! And lovely fresh colours - you're right, of course - they're right up my street... so glad I had a moment to stop by today. And belated congratulations on the anniversary - hope you're spending the whole weekend celebrating!
    Alison x