Sunday, 17 April 2016

New pages

ART PROMPTS GALORE has a new theme water & the extras are shiny, gray, circles, something seasonal (Spring or Fall), time, washi tape, something starting with S, something red (cut out/tape/paper/fibre/envelope), something cut from newspaper.

I managed WATER, SHINY (roof tiles & lucky Chinese coin), CIRCLES (coin stamp border), SOMETHING SEASONAL: SPRING ( cherry blossom), WASHI TAPE, SOMETHING RED & SOMETHING CUT FROM NEWSPAPER (Japanese newspaper die-cut flower painted red & red fibre for attaching kimono bead & shiny lucky coin)

I used a piece of marbled paper hoarded since forever as the water/land that the bridge crosses in this oriental scene, I had this irresistible urge to use the red newspaper flower in the top right....turns out I was right to follow my gut feeling as it is reminiscent of the red sun in the Japan flag!

I also managed a couple of pages for POSITIV JOURNAL still on the theme of taking time/ using stamps

I've written to a few friends this week which prompted this page...

And also made a few phone calls not all of which got answered...

Hopefully winter will now release its grip on the land & send some warmth to the NorthEast of Scotland as I really don't want to wake up to any more snowy lawns this year....meanwhile I'm staying indoors & being creative whilst the arctic blast lasts!


  1. I love your journal pages Sally and had to smile at what you had writen beside the last one.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Hi Sally, great pages, love the oriental one, it's a lovely scene.
    We woke up to snow yesterday, talk about April showers!
    Avril xx