Sunday, 24 April 2016

Winter is back

.....which means it was nice & cosy in my workroom where I had fun getting creative this weekend.

Art prompts galore was just begging for a double spread with the theme earth day - brown, green, flowers, leaves, trees, fish, animal, earth.

A world map was just one of the things that I've been hoarding!

The trellis cut page was another! It reminded me of a tropical forest hence the leopard/ jaguar,giraffe & panda....

Brownish copper sequins as flower centres

A local artists salmon (Mel Shand)

Monarch of the glens & baobab are never seen in the same woods but who cares....

DLP fill your art with numbers

And more from the "use it or lose it" pile! Some numbers that I've had for ages but never could be bothered to cut out, mini calendar pages 2014 & 15, bingo paper.

Some 3D stickers on my PAC as well as some overstamping....

PAC edged with sticker waste one side & the stickers on the other & more 3D stickers

Journal 52: rise / fall as a bonus add a Phoenix  

As soon as I read the theme I found myself with a certain song stuck in my head....thank you Glen Cambell for the inspiration for this page....and giving me 2 Phoenix on my page lol!

Every inchie Monday : BIG

I wasn't too sure where I was going to go with this one as there are lots of big things in of them is big feet and mine are not exactly small at a uk size 7.5/8 continental 41 us 9.5 so I used a mopping up scrap and a free Christmas stamp! 

I need to start thinking about next weeks now as I need a monkey/ chimp / gorilla so I'm heading out on a hunt & will see you all again soon.


  1. Hi Sally, it may be back to winter, but your pages have a lovely spring feel to them with those gorgeous colours.
    Great artwork today.
    Avril xx

  2. Hi Sally, I agree with Avril, super springtime look to the pages. I had to smile at the inchie and your reference to the shoe sizes. A fabulous post with lots of interesting details.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Some wonderful pages and I agree full of springtime colours and details xx hugs x

  4. Love your inchie and journal page. If we ever meet please don't stand on my feet, I'm only a 2 1/2 (UK)

    1. Wow, those are tiny feet indeed, a girlfriend takes a 3 1/2 but she is only 5ft high whilst I'm 5'91/2"- I'm guessing you're not very tall either then. Still wintry here today, keep getting snow squalls!

  5. great artwork - love te idea of big feet for your inchie - although at first I thought you were referencing the mythical creature Bigfoot!

  6. I am enjoying the "use it or lose it" series. I don't think it will make me throw out a thing though LOL! Love your Phoenix and your inchie is fun!

  7. All fantastic artwork and a great idea for your inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. love the trellis and the balloon, I like the inchie what a great take on the theme

  9. Agree with all the comments, such fabulous artwork, love the trellis and just everything you do. Cold and snowing here in Wales too!!! Great interpretation of Big - who would have thought of Bigfoot - you did!!! (I have big feet too!) Love Jenny

  10. What brilliant pages - the earth day spread is simply wonderful, and I love the rainbow numbers too. Really clever take on the inchie theme, and good luck with your gorilla hunt!
    Alison x

  11. Greetings from Phoenix, Sally! it's unseasonably cool here, but at least it's not snowing! Love the journal pages--i see a bunch of 60s...I have a Bigfoot around here--my son wears 15 US, don't know the conversion. Just, BIG. I gotta find a monkey, too. I keep singing Peter Gabriel. Hmm. Cheryl

    1. 60 on my upcoming birthday! US 15 sounds rather large it's a uk 14 continental 48 - I seem to recall that one of my cousins is a UK 16! I've found a monkey so I'm sorted for that one...googled images & found a "stamp" image that I traced lol. See you next week