Friday, 22 April 2016

Eclectic mix

I forgot to post my DLP page this week...

Requirement: PAC - add an envelope & list 10 people round the dinner table

A 1/4 circle lace corner + some turquoise felt tip to add a touch of colour, a folded underpaper to create my envelope onto which I stuck some stamped cutlery.

The list of my dinner guests...

My granddaughter turned 13 on the 19th...seems like only yesterday she looked this!

We had some decent weather this week so I actually made a start on getting the garden looking tidy...only a little tidy mind you! There's still a lot to do!

I did a cheats mixed media morsels

The video showed paint applied to paper & then folded to squidge almost like a Rorschach inkblot then cut into a butterfly shape whilst still folded. But I had to be contrary....used gelli print & mop-up scraps & a couple of sizzix butterfly dies, I did some doodling on them before I stuck them into my book.

Colour me positive : friendship....find your tribe & hold on to them tight.

Some scraped acrylic, a doodled border, sequin waste stencilling on the borders, a whole tribe of friends that I have never set eyes on, never likely to either, that I cut out of a free local magazine.

Now it's Friday evening & I have my next Journal 52 subject rise / rise again / rising up & as abounds try to add a Phoenix .....I've got some ideas & its outside the box! Watch this space to see which route I take....


  1. That certainly is an eclectic list of dinner guests. Love the lace corners. Lots of lovely art to look at again.

  2. A great post and fantastic pages. I would love to hear the conversation your guests would have around your table.
    Yvonne xx