Sunday, 6 November 2016

Flying by....

No, I've put my broomstick away for the moment and I'm not going anywhere for the next wee while....rather it's the weeks in the year, there are not that many left in the year!

I was looking at a friends blog the other day & she was commenting on the difficulty of working in a thick journal, well out of curiosity I decided to measure the thickest of my current ones which is DLP & it's in its second year....

7,5cm thick! It will see out the year and then we shall see what comes  as I've not enjoyed the format so much this year, it's no longer free and as a non American it was harder to get hands on some of the stuff that they were recommending we use, I dipped out of doing the planner too! Anyway this week's challenge for the PAC was to use something that you found in the bottom of your handbag! If you know me you would know that I don't have a whole bunch of stuff in it. For some obscure reason I had taken a car park ticket into the house in my bag to throw in the bin was still there 2 days later so I had the perfect destination...

Art prompts galore: fortune or scavenger: red, something square, quote, piece of fabric or lace, ink but not black, loathing tag,item from stash, sticker (or more), ticket or stub, magazine image.

I used 3 shades of distress ink with a stencil for the background!

Journal 52: you are an artist 

Artist I am not but I had an idea that I decided to pursue....curtesy of Google again lol....

And as I am currently on my own, Bill is away golfing in Tenerife for the week, I could even go into the kitchen to make a mess doing some shaving foam marbling as there is plenty of work surface in there!

The brighter ones at the back I did using Deka Silk paints, I know, not what they are meant for but I'm in repurposing mode with some of my art stuff at the moment. And all this was for a Mixed Media Morsel 

I think I'm now only 1 MMM behind!

Colour me positive has yet to be done for this week but my inchie is made....


Stamping on watercolour paper and distress ink.

Time to put some warm clothes on now & take the hound out for his's been crazy showers all weekend! Could be worse though, there has been snow on the hills :-O


  1. Yep, that's a thick journal Sally, just show that its filled with awesome artistic pages.
    Love today's pages especially the Van Gough.
    Have a good play while you are on your own, the marbeling looks awesome.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Lovely inchie Sally and your journal pages are great. You had me puzzled with the loathing tag on the AVG one, until I realised it was a clothing tag. Love your Van Gogh painting.

  3. >wow-- love to see that fat journal.. beautiful pages and a nice little inchie gem!

    oxo Susi

  4. The size of that journal made me chuckle! Mine never get too thick since I have dozens that I can choose from :) I wish I could just stick with one and create such a masterpiece (which I think the book all by itself is!) Love the shaving cream pieces and your clouds are sweet!

    1. I wanted to keep all my DLP posts together Jean - the first year I did it I combined with Journal 52 as separate pages and then bound my own book at the end of the year! This year I've got 6 books running : 1 for APG/J 52 another for POSITIV JOURNAL, DLP, Colour me positive, dictionary challenge is in one that has had random challenges in it and a final one for Mixed Media Morsels. Who knows what I'll do next year!

  5. Wow, your book is really thick. You show really beautiful art work again. Even if you are not van Gogh. Brilliant inchie. Thank you for participating.

  6. lovely artwork this week - very pretty clouds

  7. I always admire your work Sally and it made me laugh when Wendy clarified the loathing ticket!!!! Great work and lovely cloud Inchie

  8. Great artwork Sally, love the effect with the shaving foam.
    That journal is thick!!
    Avril xx