Wednesday, 16 November 2016


I've been cursing my laptop....again! After updates were done it will now no longer talk to my iPad when it comes to the PhotoTransfer app so I'm having to email photos from 1 machine to the other:-(

Bill returned from his golfing trip  in the sun & today he went walking....and got caught in the snow! I was at home waiting for the painter to turn up to give me a quote for doing some work (lounge, dining, kitchen, utility, hall, bedroom, en-suite and workroom! That's going to be fun!!!! I will definitely have to take the opportunity to get to grips with the "stuff stash", not sure when the job will happen but it needs to be done! After he left I managed to finish off a mixed media morsel that I started yesterday 

Underpaper for the background, borders that have been cut with fancy scissors using advertising for sweaters from the John Lewis Christmas gift catalogue, I mirrored the edges with a white gel pen and then got on with the technique for this particular morsel....stamping on tissue paper which I adhered with Matt medium.

Need to watch the video for morsel 32 before I can get on with that one, finish making some cards - I did 9 yesterday and forgot to take pictures, 3 are already in sealed envelopes:-( and I've still not decided what I want to use for my DLP PAC image wise.....

See you soon!


  1. A great piece Sally and I'm very impressed that you made 9 cards yesterday, well done you.
    Avril xx

  2. 9 cards, well done, I thought I was getting on having made a total of about 6 so far.
    Its a great project as well.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Gosh you've been busy again and very creative, good luck with the decorating xxx