Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Puppies again...

We had to take a dog walk in the snow this morning....not much but enough to make us damp!

Went up to Ballater with a girlfriend...the shop she wanted to go to....closed exceptionally today!
At least we got a decent cuppa and dropped off the bike suspension unit that her boyfriend was not happy with :-(

Back home and I needed to get to my desk to make a couple of birthday cards- because of posting they have to be done today.....

74 actually! No longer a dog owner but mine loves him to bits.....

And 44!

One is never too old for dogs in your life and this one has 3 at the moment 

Dexter (black lab/pointer), Coco (choc lab) & goofy Lucy the pit at the back!


  1. Love these cards Sally, those crazy dogs are so cute!
    Great artwork in the previous post and one of my favorite quotes.
    Avril xx

  2. Snow??? I know it's chilly down here but no mention of the white stuff yet, but I love it when it comes on those rare occasions. Great cards for your friends and love your doggies too xxx