Wednesday 29 January 2014


Twinchie challenge time again and this week the theme is IDOL, a challenge indeed when you've no supplies.

So here is what I managed to come up with: the background is a piece of card from a cake box (yum) and Katharine Hepburn has been cut from a magazine. I amazed myself with this one!!!

Monday 27 January 2014

Journal 52 -week 4

This week is all about CHARACTER!

I cannot draw people :-( I really must practice!!!!

Anyway, my adventures in France husband has been moved from the hospital today...
Sadly not home to me, rather to a convalescence centre a few miles along the road from the hospital. This means that I still have a journey of about 90 minutes by car to get there :-( not a lot of fun when driving a "British style"  car on mountain roads with steep drops to the side!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm heading off with a girlfriend and Bailey (our golden retriever) to visit and also deliver some clothes as Bill will no longer be provided with a hospital gown. I also plan to take a flask of boiling water & tea bags as he really misses his cup of tea.

As I cannot do people and as I am having to call on all my reserves to be strong for the 2 of us....I have gone with my birth sign, the crab. Quite appropriate as I do slam the shutters down when I hurt, but I do think that I have a fair amount of tenacity & strength behind my armour...I've used a page out of the local telephone directory coloured with Promarkers , some watercolour pencils, a black Sharpie & a white Gelly Roll.

When I finally get back to the UK I shall no doubt work some more detail into these pages that I am creating with scant supplies. New additions this week: a rubber, a glue stick & a letter stencil!


I cannot say that I've been to the ballet but as that is this weeks theme over at EVERY INCHIE MONDAY I had to come up with stamps that fit the some lateral thinking later here is what I went with....


A swan stamp inked & embossed in white some blue Promarkers and a black Pitt pen!

It's called improvising in my house :-) & now I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with.

Thursday 23 January 2014

Journal 52 week 3

As some of you are aware, I don't have an awful lot to smile about this week!

I went down to the hospital on Monday to visit's not the top of his femur that is broken but his pelvis.

Journal 52 cue word this week is something that makes you smile.... Well, normally my husband does make me smile but not right now so, unfortunately , I have resorted to doing a "sketch" of him in his bed with his leg in traction!

Looking at 6 weeks minimum in hospital/convalescence centre :-(

Going down to Digne les Bains again on Friday for another visit, deliver kindle with extra books loaded as well as his iPod shuffle for some music. I've told him I expect to see some serious improvement in his French this winter!

Wednesday 22 January 2014


The latest Twinchies challenge theme is glass and no way can I make mine shine with the supplies I have. I've got a glass jar of buttons for you this week mounted on an inky scrap.
It also just happens to be sitting on a button embossed ATC leftover. 

Monday 20 January 2014


A new week & a new inchie...
An inch of book page, a portion of Paper Artsy stamp & some brown Promarker.

Friday 17 January 2014

Oh no!X-rays

So here's the story....we had 24 hours of snow - oh no! That made for 45cm or about 18" to clear yesterday.

We dug out the entrance, then the car or should I say the side & rear only and then the patio.

Time to meet friends for coffee before they leave the resort first thing Saturday morning as they are heading back to the UK. My dear husband is an impatient soul.... With no crampons on his boots and no intention of waiting for the local "around the resort" bus, he goes striding off leaving me at the bus stop.

5 minutes later a guy I know appears, calling for me to come quick! Oh no! What now?

OH NO!!!! Bill has fallen at the end of our road and cannot get up :-(
Some paramedics happen by and come to our assistance, all the while Bill is lying on the snow with more snow falling out of the sky.

Oh no, the local doctor is off we have to be taken to the nearest doctor 10km away, the vibration in the vehicle due to the snow chains is dreadful and the driver stops to remove them as soon as possible.

To cut this rather long story short, after 2 xrays and a very hefty dose of morphine, Bill is carted off to the nearest hospital with a broken femur and a possible broken pelvis- he is going to require a hip replacement! Oh no! As at 9 pm last night I had only been able to establish that he was in his room very slowly coming round. Not sure if he's been operated on at this stage but my next job is to get myself up and call the hospital for an update and then contact the kids who both live in the USA and let them know what's what....

Sorry for sharing bad news, but sitting here in a ski resort with only a dog for company is not ideal as we are forecast yet more snow over the next 4 days and I'm not looking forward to having to drive the mountains rounds to visit a hospital that is 90 minutes drive away :-(

Thursday 16 January 2014


this week the theme is AFRICA across at Moo Mania and I have no real moos to share only some ATCs that I made a few years ago where part of the design is almost the same size as a moo.

the images are from Inkadinkado and have been coloured with felt pens. I've added assorted beads, threads  yarns and the images have been mounted on "tiger stripe" handmade paper.


pot bearer


witch doctor





Tuesday 14 January 2014


It's a new week over at twinchie challenge and this week is all about Film in either movie version or "layer" version.

I feel I've risen to the recycle challenge this week though....a background piece of card given a more definite colour thanks to a Promarker with some film strip effect "holes" along 2 edges, I then raided the local SHOPI supermarket freebie weekly which includes a tv program's listing! Yeay! I found star wars episode 1: the phantom menace.

Hope you all appreciate the lengths I'm going to so as to participate in things this winter...Hee hee !

Which reminds me that I must buy a glue stick :-( and another time I must remember to bring a small ruler to leave here......see you all soon....

Monday 13 January 2014

Journal 52

A challenge for me as I've virtually no supplies here in France ....

Week 1 up up & away

Eyeshadow background!, torn edges, charcoal pencil border, Promarker balloons, biro strings/ hands/ speech bubble.
Some random ideas on the subject in an exercise book my niece left here last year...
Hot air balloon, angel, birds. 

Week 2: somewhere

In my case it's chalet 8 in the French alps 

Promarker sky & buildings. Green scribble forest, chairlift in pencil. 
Writing between lines. 


Every inchie Monday time again and this week is all about amulets....

Ankh being the Egyptian cross

But personally I wear a kokopelli that I got in California 
Silver set with jet & opal :-)

And here is an inchie version
This was stamped with versamark & brushed with....a bronze brown eye shadow!

I'm off to see what everyone else has created now & maybe later, when its due to snow, I'll do the latest journal 52 page

Thursday 9 January 2014


I've had a rake through the few bits n bobs that are here at the chalet & "oh Joy!" I can manage this weeks twinchie challenge. 

A paper artsy flower coloured with a copper Sharpie on a random coloured scrap (oil pastels) that I had tossed in with my bits at the last minute :-). The centre is a glitter glue dot snipped off an other scrap... Not necessarily the route I would normally have taken but I did want to join in as much as possible this winter seeing as we do have Internet!

Sunday 5 January 2014


It's time for our first inchie of 2014! The theme had me intrigued as I'd no idea what "Alice blue" meant. After some Internet checking I discovered it to be a colour that Alice Roosevelt wore a lot.

So here is my contribution to this weeks inchies....

An inch of watercolour paper, fake stitching, Alice blue stamped in black & a heart button....

I'll try to be more imaginative with the next one!

Friday 3 January 2014


A new year, where did the last one go? Anyway, there is a new theme across at Moo Mania and it just so happens that I have a little creation, un posted so far, that fits the bill :-)

A paper scrap coloured with DI & some fake stitching using a sharpie, the stamp is one I bought on a trip to the USA in Marshalls which is part of the TKMAXX group.

We've had more snow...and the crowds are starting to leave the resort as the week draws to a close & everyone has to go back to work/school so it will soon be time to hit the slopes again :-)

Take care everyone.....