Thursday 28 January 2021

Lockdown is ongoing...

 ....and my blog attendance is shocking!

Here’s a little aper├žu of my latest a random order!

                                                           Life documented week 3 

Making a nib out of a can was the brief but as we rarely have drink cans in the house I did mine with a foil takeaway dish.

Colour me positive 1

Art prompts galore 

Life documented week 1

Colour me positive 4

Life documented week 4

Collaged Paper dolls

Art prompts galore 

Mixed media postcards:

Games people play 

On my head 


Art prompts galore 


Paper weaving/dots/stripes/words 

Colour me positive 1

Colour me positive 2

Life documented 2 black and white 

All I need to do now is get my act together if I decide to do the #100days challenge which is starting at the end of the month! 

Wednesday 6 January 2021


 Greetings to you from chilly Scotland! I won’t be using the usual words for the time of year in case we jinx things....

I was somewhat shocked to see how long it is since I shared any art....I’ve been doing plenty but I suppose most of it has never got beyond the Facebook groups that were relevant. Sorry!

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks of 2020...

Colour me positive 

Art journal journey 

Life documented 

I continued to make my December daily tags and ended up with all done in time!

I had a quiet Christmas full of cooking fine food rather than gifts but that was ok, a couple of glasses of wine with some friends on the day, sitting socially distanced around their fire pit and with level 4 in Scotland from Boxing Day it was quiet all the following week of which I shall tell you more another time....