Monday 19 October 2020


 I can’t believe that it’s been nearly a month since I last posted!

I’ve not been up to much really- some art, a wedding, cooking...just the usual.

Here’s a catch up on the latest art

Colour me positive 

Art journal journey 

Life documented 

Continuous line/watercolour 
I used a kids paintbox & also did some with distress ink 

These are distress ink

Kid’s paintbox 

Wacky holidays 

Using up stickers on this one!

Brodie sent a birthday card to his friend

The happy couple that finally made it up the aisle having delayed since May 

                                   We saw a heron about to take flight on the way back home

We also saw several rainbows on our way back over the hills near Glenshee

This is my latest visitor, he’s getting to be a regular as we see him about 4 times a week!

Here’s a postcard that went today as part of our mixed media swap

I’ve also got some more altered playing cards but they’ve yet to be photographed!!!