Tuesday 30 May 2017

New pages

Art journal journey 

  1. Image: bird/owl. Word: soar. Prompt: write about your favourite way to spend a weekend. Technique: add a homemade or premade tag to your page. Quote: your wings already exist, all you have to do is FLY.

Art prompts galore 

MAY 28-JUNE 3: Deep in the Garden//Scavenge: red, grey, ladybug or bee, branch and/or leaves, circles, stamping with household object , washi tape or other tape, quote, paint drips, smears or spatters

Sunday 28 May 2017

Tough weekend

 A few days of more than decent weather but an emotional time as it's 3 years since mum slipped away in her sleep and a year since my dad joined her. On top of that it's been hard to sleep at night owing to the warmth and also Bill's groans...he went walking last Monday, slipped on a tree root on a steep slope and fell onto the handle of his walking pole! He assumed that he'd bruised his ribs but I'm starting to think that he may have cracked a few!

Enough of my woes.... I have managed to slip in a little art time this week and here are the results

Art Journal Journey 
Image: Classic movies. Word: history. Prompt: fill in the blanks: if i could meet any actress/ actor from classic movies I would meet.........because. Technique: include a pocketbook put your journaling or a picture in. Quote: cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world (jean Luc Goddard)

Art prompts galore 

Use Only Words.// SCAVENGER : pink, orange, circles, flowers, 3 things that start with the same letter as your name., 3 words of your choice, acrylic paint , doodles, black ink

Journal 52

Soar:To fly upward. To glide along at height. To rise, ascend, oraspire.Synonyms: Fly, ascend, rise, sail, arise, glide. Prompt: Create a spread explores what can be perceived from ‘above’ a situation. Play with bird or flight imagery in your journal. Oracle: What can be seen from ‘on high’ about the situation you are presenting in? What do you need to rise above? What do you aspire to?

I don't do deep introspective pieces so these little birds just called out to me after an afternoon of watching 3 buzzards flying around riding on the thermals above our garden.

I am linking with try it on Tuesday for this one. Check out everybody's entries at

Life documented 
Monthly Theme - Bold & Bright. Quote - "Boldly be a Pop of Color in a Black & White World" Prompt - Layer stencils and use baby wipes to erase and soften. Technique - Make a shaped flap/page in your journal

I've used the last little bird in the set from the previous spread ....and a load of scraps off my desk!

Ive got a pop of yellow using a shaped flap + some b&w doodles & my little bird, 2 more flaps on the rhs that are wax crayon stencil rubbings.

Under the yellow flap is more yellow in the way of packaging from a bottle of Eau de Toilette that I've just finished.

And under that shaped flap is the quote that also includes some yellow....

Colour me positive 
Interrupt anxiety with gratitude, empathy & mindfulness 

Another non introspective....
I had saved a quote I'd seen a few days ago that seemed to fit so I typed it out....complete with typo that I only noticed once I'd glued it down on a readymade background!

Every inchie Monday 
And we have a cute little marsupial leaping into our inchie collection....kangaroo!

Hoping everyone is having a great bank holiday weekend doing the things that they love to do most.....

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Summer or is it Christmas?

The month would indicate summer, the weather not quite so much as it is warmer but not sunnier! The's Rudolph Day....only 7 months to go!

I would like to apologise to the people that were kind enough to leave comments last month...I never got to see their posts as we are having internet connection issues, yes, still! BT engineer is overdue & would appear to be as rare as flying pigs....

Here are my cards for this month...

I have been looking out paper scraps and now have enough to make 44 cards, I just need to get busy with tape and glue so keep watching this space.

Friday 19 May 2017

Update required!

Blogger has been playing up for months on my iPad, often I have had to resort to cut & paste because the app keeps shutting down on i get a message saying that it needs updating....but it's no longer available in the App Store! Heaven knows what will happen next as I can't remember what to do on the main site!!!!!

A few spreads have happened through the course of the week....

Art prompts galore 

MAY 14-20 THE SEA// SCAVENGER: pale blue, deep green, texture, pattern, a fish, black ink, dots, 3 words about peace and serenity

Art journal journey 

Steampunk, time or clock

Steampunk is not really a style I use but I had a few random pieces so they are now glued in...

I also decided to add a few more colour swatches....





Colour me positive quote:

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom (Bouddha)

Our latest inchie and I've used a button 

Life documented 

  1. Prompt: use stencils for background. Technique: stencil using only portions. Quote: whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about these things.

It's getting hard to photograph these days as the journal is getting rather chunky!

And so another week comes to an end - I've spoken to my stepdaughter and with agreed dates for a trip to Maine we just need to get them booked now!

Saturday 13 May 2017

Random piece

During my recent workroom clearance I came across a box of clothing labels that I've been hoarding...I can no longer remember what I was going to do with them but I did save some and make a spread in a journal so that is what I want to share today...

Torn strips of paper, stamping, clothing labels, some ephemera from my stash...

Well, my internet is still iffy so this piece never got posted yesterday ☹️

I've done some more over Saturday as the weather was pretty rubbish....

Colour me positive:
Get up an hour early to live an hour more 

I used a recent claim your happy index card, some desk scraps & ideology 

Life documented 
  1. Prompt: Paint colors, draw shapes and paint around them

Technique: Cut up your piece and make a page for your journal.

Quote:  Imitation, if noble and general, insures the best hope of originality.

Edward G Bulwer- Lytton

Be bold or italic, never regular.

I went with bright bold colours and some scraps, stamping and the quote!

Her hair is made from flowers that I diecut from paper scraps & then glued down....her lashes are tipped with stickles as are the flowers at the bottom.

Our latest inchie is a cuddly Koala 🐨 

Thanks for looking....

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Creative times

A day of sunshine followed by a cool & cloudy one....some work in the garden and some in my workroom!

Colour me positive 
The Bee- utiful thing about life is that you can always change, grow & get better. You aren't defined by your past. You aren't your mistakes.

Started with underpaper & a tag from my desk.....

Bee shrink plastic tile & button

Another bee button...

Art prompts galore 

TRAVEL// SCAVENGER: orange, green, arrows, piece of a map, texture, a person (or a part of a person), a quote, ink

mowed Lawn and Ripe Persimmon inks + TCW stencils, die cut Ordnance Survey map, arrow stencil + Pine Needles ink, random lady from Sunday Times style magazine. Quote from Pinterest 

Journal 52
See To notice or become aware of (someone or something) by using your eyes. To become aware of something. Synonyms: Look, observe, recognize, view, watch, witness, behold, gaze, glimpse. Prompt: Honour your ability to ‘see’ in any of the ways one sees in a journal spread. Bonus points for painting eyes. Oracle: What is wanting to be observed or noticed right now? What are you not seeing? What are you seeing?

Book page + Pine needle ink, doodled border came from my stash eyes stamped (Paper Artsy, Dylusions, Tim Holtz) synonyms typed and printed.

Thursday 4 May 2017


A few days of sunshine have meant time in the garden getting the jungle under control!

The water feature has been cleaned out & refilled, flowerbeds edged and partially weeded, the grass got 6 bags of thatch scraped out and the bald patches are reseeded.....will have to water them if we get no rain!

A few art moments snatched as and when....

Art prompts galore 

Art prompts galore:APRIL 30 - MAY 6. Rainbows//SCAVENGER : pink, yellow, words cut from magazines, something that starts with F, shapes cut from book text, clothing tag, acrylic paint in any colour, household tape (masking, electrical, duct, etc), stamping with random object

Art journal journey : 
  1. Image: dictionary. Word: answers. Prompt: present journaling as a crossword or puzzle. Technique: incorporate text into the background. Quote: sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple (Dr Seuss)

Journal 52: mother

Inchie: flamingo 

And then the weather changed and I'm in the workroom taking care of my missing prompts! 

See you soon!

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Claim your happy

We fill in the blank....which I've highlighted in bold!

We are so all wanting to be time rich

Adventure and then create magic along the way 

I want to be a traveler 

All stories should be magical 

I have a few to catch up watch this space!