Sunday 28 February 2021

I’m still late at getting back on here....

 The snow came, the snow melted, the weather was warm & sunny but spring is not here yet!

Grab a coffee or a glass of wine, whichever fits the occasion and get comfortable as this is very picture heavy!!!

Life documented is here:

Colour me positive 

Art prompts galore 

I decided to do this in ATC format this month

And then there’s the #100days of moos....


This is the reverse of SEEK

Reverse of SCENIC

Reverse of WANDER

And 21-30

Thanks for your visit....stay safe! See you again soon!


Sunday 7 February 2021

So much for getting my act together.....

 Another gap, not as long as the last one however!

Let’s see what I have for you this time....

Playing with fonts for life documented 

And creating a frame.....

This is a favourite photo that my dad took, developed & printed . Probably1966!

Colour me positive 

And I decided to repurpose all those scraps that I seem to accumulate by joining the #100days challenge for the 3rd year in a row.

First set is based on postage stamps and here they are in a random order....2 of which have yet to be revealed to the project!

The advantages of snowy weather means I can spend time crafting rather than gardening lol, no hardship to miss out on the garden at this time of year.

I’ll try to come back sooner next time......