Sunday 25 September 2016


As it's Sunday and I'm having a quiet moment (before everyone gets up & pandemonium sets in) I thought I'd do an update ....

I forgot to post a page in all the excitement of coming away....

Journal 52: back to school
A simple page ....

Since arriving I have hit a couple of the craft stores and acquired some goodies, my crazy dogs stamps & dies were awaiting my arrival and I'm still hoping to hit JoAnns this coming week.

The weather has been very kind to us - temperatures a touch high at night but who's complaining. We had some showers on Friday when we went down to Kittery but yesterday we could not have asked for better... A slight breeze & sunny skies for the Maine Lakes Brewfest, new microbreweries and good company and when we went home at the end of the day we stopped of to buy lobsters. Supper was "surf n turf" soft shell lobsters & bbq'ed steak....I was a very happy bunny! We sat round the firepit for a while as the evening turned cooler.

The crutches didn't last long, I just could not get to grips with the underarm sort! Still hobbling around but the knee bandage is doing a great job.

Tomorrow sees a new theme over at every inchie Monday.....briefcase!

I've used shrink plastic and sadly the gluedot shines through :-(

Noises are coming from the grandchildren so I guess I'd better stir myself....

Friday 16 September 2016

Pages made

I had to keep as up to date as I could so I managed to make...

Positiv Journal: positive happenings

Colour me positive 

Another stencilled at was ready to go... Scattered Straw / fossilised Amber / spiced marmalade/ barn door distress inks- the sun shines a lot in these ski areas & the mountains are quite red in the areas near Nice.

The mountain I won't be climbing is the stairs to the plane in Aberdeen....I've requested assistance!

Art prompts galore: peace

Lace fragments stencil/ tumbled glass- pumice stone- cracked pistachio distress inks, inked scrap PAC, "bling" peace logo from my stash, glitter alphabet stickers 

A new inchie infinity ....and Buzz Lightyear got stuck in my head with "to infinity and beyond" 

So now I'm safely in Maine having come into the country through the diplomat corridor- a wheelchair was maybe a little extreme but too far by far to walk on crutches having only torn my tendon on Wednesday evening! Now it's time to unwind for a while & check everyone's blog on my iPad....

Cheers for now ( she said whilst slurping woodchuck "June & juice" juniper hard cider.....


Craft Barn dictionary challenge....the letter O no extras! Simply dug out some of my owl stamps for this one and we have a selection of cute little "hooters" that my mum would have loved:-)

The bags are packed, the "disabled" assistance is requested & my stepdaughter has crutches I can use on arrival in the USA so I guess we're all set to travel! 

Wednesday 14 September 2016


Surprised? Added some finishing details to a few more pages....

DLP more organics, this time it's a birch twig wrapped with beaded wire!

Add stitching 
I had this pretty ATC from a friend that's been around looking for a home for a while and decided that this was the ideal time to use it (and save myself some time!)

Mixed media morsels: scribble scrabble 

I used all my felt pens & highlighters for this one!
Meanwhile it's chaos at the ranch....hedge cutting team are deafening me, the window cleaner is outside obscuring my view & the plumbing engineer has just arrived to fix the leak related to the boiler topping up system! Never a dull moment lol.....

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Colour me positive

Another page finished....

Our prompt: life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change 

I had a page ready that was another Cell Theory/ DI (peacock feathers/ scattered straw/ worn lipstick) and somehow that reminded me of butterflies and their wings in particular- given their metamorphosis I went down the cocoon/ butterfly route & the quote 

Sunday 11 September 2016

Still getting there...

DLP add something organic to your PAC 

Larch tree twigs individually wrapped with different variegated machine embroidery threads and then wrapped together in a small bundle 


Journal 52: sunrise or sunset

I took this picture on our last morning at the chalet, a view that I see every day in an assortment of light conditions and that I love a lot. Here the sun was just starting to hit the peak of the Grande Seolane mountain and as luck would have was also casting sunbeams across my page!

Mixed Media Morsels: play with stencils

The same stencil (TCW mini cell theory) & assorted distress inks to create the background and a darker ink to create the border- stamped message in the centre was done with multiple alphabet stamp sets.

Positiv Journal: happy mail
More saved scraps found a home!

Art prompts galore:5

And it all started with a large 5 advert from Chanel.....
I may yet go on to do the scavenger page too as it's always fun to be able to use those small saved scraps :-)

Every inchie Monday: SKY

It was a toss up between the sky above us or the SKY tv logo and the paper scraps on my desk decided for me!

I also got a birthday card made for my aunt who turns 80 next week - it will be her first birthday without the company of my dad in many a year as he would travel over from France at this time of year...

I succumbed to the lure of the wildflower Thinlits as I had a 15% off voucher!

More work to do and that will be including final decisions on what to pack for our trip to the USA, I can't believe that we will almost in Boston Massachusetts this time next week and I'll be having a whole heap more pages to catch up on when we return - this is one trip where I don't take any crafting away with me.....I stock up on new goodies instead lol.

Read you all again soon...

Friday 9 September 2016


More catching up....

Mixed Media Morsels 24: pretty posies from torn paper

Not a favourite by any stretch of the imagination but it's done...

And Morsel 25: ransom note letters

I had saved this image recently and it seemed ideal for this one!

Thursday 8 September 2016

Dictionary pages

Playing catchup as they say.....


I've listed an assortment of needles, the double & treble, in case you are wondering, are sewing machine needles that are used for pin tuck stitching!


I've used stamps & die-cuts...

Z + a pearl...I just could not see beyond zebra

And here is the pearl....just a tiny one .....


Using Tim Holtz stamps.......

Well, that's 4 pages down.....more to be made though!

Monday 5 September 2016


A couple of subjects recently have left me a little unsure where to go I decided to go with quotes!

Generosity over at colour me positive (week 35)

And faith over at Journal 52

I decided to go a little "goofy" and used a silly frog stamp, a leaping one and some underpaper ....

Saturday 3 September 2016

Still getting there

....late with last week's inchie which is petunia to the extent that I've still not done it!

This week is mouse

And the current art prompts galore 
36. Starts with G //SCAVENGER HUNT: red, grey, something from a garden, something that starts with M, 3 arrows, dots, piece of a map, 3 stamped images, washi tape or other tape, a piece of a page from an old book or magazine

Yet again I went with scavenger and got everything on the list: one of my arrows is cut from a Cyrillic book page!

Week 34 at colour me positive: whatever you are, be a good one 

Quite by chance a prepped / stencilled background using DI: old paper, shabby shutters, bundled sage, forest moss. A picture of Monet & a section of one of the waterlily paintings from today's Sunday paper supplement and some stamped brushes, paint tube stickers.

And this week is travel
  Thanks to Alison Bomber I had a die-cut globe for this one!

And across at journal 52 I got this page done: keep your head// lose your head

A simple stencilled page and a random stamp out of a grab bag from Chocolate Baroque that I've had ages & never used!

Still some catching up to get my journals up to date but I'll get there - mixed media morsels & dictionary are way behind (5 & 4).... Back to the drawing board now......

I'm back....

Home after my summer holidays and it's been frantic! Loads of washing done over the w/end (6 loads), most has now been ironed & put away, mail has been read & mostly answered, dentist has been seen, hairdresser has worked his magic, grass has been cut & strimmed & the largest weeds have been pulled so I figured it was OK to spend a little time in the craft room finishing/ starting pages...

Art prompts galore 
35. Vivid pops of colour / YOUR SCAVENGER : peach ,zig zags, a doodle, a small envelope, washi tape, something that starts with M, a piece of a map,time piece,3 symbols

The symbols have found a safe home in the envelope....

Sadly neglected positiv journal was all about mail sent/received and I've used some of the pretty happy mail envelopes that I've received

Yes....blank bits to block out the address....just in case we have any stalkers in blogland!

DLP use a favourite number....I've used stamps & dies for this one.

2 weeks behind over at Colour me positive using the Audrey Hepburn quote, I found a different image for this quote to last time!

Background is spiced marmalade, abandoned coral, picked raspberry, frayed burlap 

More catching up is required especially as I shall be jetting off to the other side of the Atlantic in a couple of weeks to see the grand ciao for now and thanks for visiting