Thursday 31 March 2016

More morsels

I had fun doing these!

I used a partial section of a Carolyn Dube art spark for my masking piece, used a jigsaw piece punch to cut some masks & black acrylic paint/ white splashes...

My other pice is done with some of the remaining art spark & a mop up scrap, both have been torn into strip & glued down alternately across the page. I used a stencil to do the stripes going across the page.

Today I picked up some more paints whilst in HOBBYCRAFT so I can do some gelli this space!

Tuesday 29 March 2016


Some play time led to me creating this....I used paper scraps as a collage background that I painted over with distress stain because I wanted to keep the planes in the clouds & sunshine. I did the same with the green part and then added the puppies!
The house is more scraps, a mini chocolate baroque tree has been stamped to added detail on the right hand edge & a "dirt" path meanders to the door.

And this one is whimsie birds - acrylic paints, stencilling, a little stamping for the background some circles for the bird bodies and flock wallpaper scraps for the wings & tailfeathers.

Art prompts galore wanted sanctuary or a good memory - I just happened to have these 2 images  on my desk so I decided to use them together on a stencilled background & added the lettering.

Some friends say I've got a memory like an elephant!

Monday 28 March 2016


Easter weekend brought a visitor who left with some crafting tips for her pupils as well as some goodies, she traded for chocolate & good company!

I made some art....

For colour me positive where we had to do something with the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes (Marcel Proust) and, if possible, to use eyes.

I have a couple of stencils that are eye style & I used those along with some stamping (Paper Artsy, Chocolate Baroque, Inkadinkadoo ) then spelled out the quote with die cut letters.

DLP:celebrate white space - I've used a colouring book bunny in a basket on the left that has nothing to do with white but rather the celebrate part and the opposite page has a couple of eggs on a Swiss dots piece of pearlescent card. Thanks to a friend for pointing out that I could link this to the current CraftBarn blog challenge.

Journal 52: mondegreen or Lyrics and as this song has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now...(the lead singer die a few days after David Bowie)

I also managed another Mixed Media Morsels: circles

I had some fun with this one, acrylic paints, some stamping with bubble wrap, some stencilling with both regular ink & embossing ink + powder, glued on stamped circles cut from assorted paper scraps & a Dylusions quote

And this is my final share today...Peanuts for Every inchie Monday 

I've always loved the Peanuts cartoons!

Saturday 26 March 2016

Rudolph day

Well, it was yesterday! But I do have a few cards I made in advance

I don't think I've shared any of these!

Thursday 24 March 2016

Play time

Got my mixed media morsels experiments started

Distress paints + cling film smooshed on top & left to dry overnight:

Gesso followed by distress paint + cling film smooshed over the top & left to dry overnight, this one worked!

Paper collage background + stencilled image over the top & added white pen details on the left page
Distress paint (2colours) dried, layer of diluted paint added over the top & splashed with surgical spirit whilst the top layer is still wet.

Paint / alcohol detail

I also finally got round to trying Tracy Scott's portrait series from Craft Stamper magazine 
Her eyes are a bit too close together and her nose is squint, also the tip is too white! This was done with a mix of acrylics & water soluble interesting experiment & I need to practice more!

Wednesday 23 March 2016

I've started

So I decided to carry on.....

Another doodle page for Positiv>>+>>Journal

Tuesday 22 March 2016

All caught up

With my creating that is! Not with the gardening or housework's an alphabetical thing you understand lol!

Journal 52: emulate or replicate

Some Matisse fun.

And across at Positiv>>+>>Journal: doodles

Now I need to work on my mixed Media Morsels.....

Sunday 20 March 2016


Time for more art sharing...

My latest inchie Door

And some art journaling...

This one is for Art Prompts Galore: travel / home sweet home / pink / gold / dots / book page or part thereof / leaf / is missed out hat, amphibian, tea or coffee!

I also managed to do another DLP prompt, this weeks... Top ten destinations & use arrows - I went for a page rather than a PAC 

I used distress ink on an acrylic block to colour the left hand page, did some "chevron" stencilling & added some rub-on chevrons/arrows from my stash before adding the 5 islands & 5 cities for my top ten list - the only city there that I've not visited is Dubrovnik but I quite fancy going there, to date, I've not been to any of the islands.

This page was actually created with the help of some happy mail (gelling printed) it was perfect with the arrows/chevrons! I did a little doodling as well as adding 2 Dyan Reaveley arrows & a Paper Artsy "one way + arrow" and again I added some rub-ons.

One more journal 52 to do and then that will be up to date too. Positiv Journal is untouched or far this month but I've finally made a start on my mixed media morsels, I'll share those later in the week.

Saturday 19 March 2016


Colour me positive want us to expand our wings and fly!

My mind went off at a tangent whilst looking for something totally unrelated in my stash box and this is what happened...

A happy mail human, a face image of the Hulk, another of Batman & some cute little bats from a colouring book! I just added some stamping to spell out grow wings & be a super hero, I think my grandson might approve of this one!

Friday 18 March 2016


Today is "black nose" day in our house....5 years since Bailey arrived in our lives

He likes spending time in my workroom lying in the sun, the yellow orb was sadly lacking from the skies of northeast Scotland today but Bailey was in the workroom with me whilst I created another DLP page where we were to use leaves be they real or not & here's what I made

A piece of paper bag that I've had for ages + strips of "leaf" border on the left as well as a couple of different sized peepul leaves

On the other side it's stamped images & die cut / fussy cut / happy mail leaves

I coloured some of the stamped images with distress inks and reduced my stash box by a minute amount!  

I wonder what tomorrow's new theme will bring?

Thursday 17 March 2016

Catch up

I'm home, the laundry is all done and so is most of the ironing! I'm working on some 60th birthday cards at the moment -  I need 3 in the next 4 weeks and 1 is needed for next weekend in France. In between chores I've also managed to do some more journal pages....

Journal 52: imaginary animal or favourite animal

A ready prepped background, I seem to recall this was done with Deka silk paints. I've used an assortment of dog related stamps around the edge & bone/woof through the middle of the page. I'm on my third golden retriever and I've represented them here using an inkadinkadoo stamp that I've fussy cut & mounted on a die cut label....Corry was the darkest, Tio was the palest, and Bailey who is our current companion is a little darker. Some dimensional stickers that have been lurking in a drawer for a while have also found a home on here.

DLP: seeking treasure, finding value in small moments is the monthly challenge and the weekly one is calling for splatters.....

Some stencilling with acrylics, stamping with inks......

A rescued birthday card front that I've had for years has found a home on the left hand page

And an Easter card front is on the right hand side.

Still got the current week to do as well as making a start on Positiv Journal but that will have to wait for another day.....

Tuesday 15 March 2016


Our new prompt at colour me positive is intuition....I couldn't resist this one!

I'm sure many women would agree with the quote " if the shoe fits, buy it in every colour" - it's on my coffee mug.

Monday 14 March 2016


Yes, I'm back home in Scotland & the weather is being kind to us...sunshine & relatively mild! It's good to be back in my own bed after 2 nights in very hard bunk on the ferry & hotel on the final night of our journey north, oh, and I have headroom too when it comes to making the bed :-)

So we got our internet back at the chalet at 17.35 Tuesday as we were leaving at 06.45 on the Wednesday! Not ideal but we got our emails downloaded.

I managed to put a scavenger page together before we left for art prompts galore
Blue / something foreign / flowers / gaming piece / illustration from a children's book

I've used a foreign bank note, bar business card, detour word (French magazine) and Arabic packaging (harissa), illustration from a children's book
Blue fabric labels, letters in the business card, bank note, parts of the book cover.
Gaming pieces scrabble letters, domino, game spinner, dice, chess piece & counter
Illustration from a child's book in the shape of some happy mail & showing the Arc de Triomphe.

For this weeks prompt I went the scavenger route again

Purple / wings / words that inspire / texture / something from space / something from your scrap box / rubber stamp images / body part

I've used mauve tissue paper, purple textured paper, embossed wallpaper border and some mauve filigree stuff? Giving me the purple & texture
The dragonflies & butterflies are the wings & something from space
The stars and pink butterfly are from scrap box 
The label stamped in gold gives me words that inspire & stamped images
Body part is the only one I didn't manage to include!

Across at every inchie Monday we need ISLAND so I've used a piece from an old Michelin map 

See you all in blog land soon....

Saturday 5 March 2016


 Missing in action! No internet since Monday! On hotel wifi to assure everyone I'm ok. Heading back wednsday to Scotland.