Friday 20 October 2023

Very absent!

 Apologies for the long time that I have been away from my blog! This is largely due to the fact that I spent 2 months in France over the summer when I got very little art done and then I went across the pond to spend time with the American family so more time not doing anything creative although I did meet a lovely lady that lives across the street from my stepdaughter and she has sparked up a chain of thought for me to create a series of pieces based around a piece of wall art that she rescued from the bin!

More on that as and when I get to it but this is the piece that I took a photo of…

I have been creating in stolen moments….

Colour me positive below 

Wow was I ever behind in sharing! Apologies for the photo dump, the next one will cover Life Documented but 2023 has seen that become a bimonthly prompt so not so many needing to be shared!